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Monthly Archives: June 2021

Review "Ancient Love Poetry" Series

Review “Ancient Love Poetry” Series

Ancient Love Poetry Series. Saw the second teaser and the CG is very good. The second teaser channel and the series’ soundtrack mv should be able to watch. Ancient Love Poetry is coming soon. It is rumor that it will be release in June 2021. So the

Review of Nevertheless series

Review of Nevertheless series

Nevertheless series, after the airing of 1 episode for Song Kang and Han So Hee‘s new series. It made viewers blush a lot for the story Nevertheless. This love can’t be stop by Netflix that will only air episodes a week.       A

3 ways to choose "whey protein"

3 ways to choose “whey protein”

 Eating whey protein is a type of protein that our bodies need. The body can use this protein to repair the worn out parts. It is also possible to lose weight with it. Most of the protein is present in meat dishes. Eating whey protein can also be helpful in

Background IG filters, a beautiful picture

Background IG filters, a beautiful picture

During a long stay at home I didn’t go on a trip like this. Photography enthusiasts can’t help but snap cool photos. At home, but! The place is not as pleasant anymore. because our house is too messy Don’t worry, today we have IG background filters for you. I can assure you that