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"Forsaken World" Review: Gods and Demons

“Forsaken World” Review: Gods and Demons

MMORPG level picking games have been one of the genres for how long has been Is still popular. And in the mobile platform itself. It is equally popular. The game that will be discussed today is  Forsaken World: Gods and Demons from Yoozoo Games. It develop by the famous Perfect World. Let’s see how cool this game

GODLIKE Games wins TwelveSky 2 rights

GODLIKE Games wins TwelveSky 2 rights

Gamers who love fighting games in the style of inner martial arts. Prepare a well known company. It ~ GODLIKE Games win. The right game TwelveSky 2 Play MMORPG super hardcore camp BEGA GAMES South Korea. That came in the atmosphere of the power in China. Which is filled with the aura of the

5 Reasons Why "Shouldn't Buy PS5 Now"

5 Reasons Why “Shouldn’t Buy PS5 Now”

It’s pass for the first 5 things that should buy the PS5 at this time, but wait a minute, because we still have 5 reasons why we should not buy the PS5 now. 1. Should not buy because there are too few games to play Although

5 Reasons Why "Should Buy Playstation 5"

5 Reasons Why “Should Buy Playstation 5”

Needless to say, it should be known that at this time, the Playstation 5 is very popular since its release since November 2020. In the past many countries have faced problems with not enough products to be sold. Causing a very high price From the spinning of

Famous movies that had to be postponed, COVID-19

Famous movies that had to be postponed, COVID-19

Including famous movies. The COVID-19 epidemic has become a common threat in every industry. Whether in the music industry, sports, business, even the movie world. Which of course The movie theater is an enclosed area that is vulnerable to the spread of infection. Therefore, people’s behavior has changed. Less in

Including a list of "horror movies", make you scare

Including a list of “horror movies”, make you scare

Fans of ghost movies, horror movies, do not miss this list of scary movies that you have to close your eyes every time you watch. A movie that makes you have to turn on the lights and haunt you every time you close your eyes. Screening horror

Including a list of movies "animation" fun, children

Including a list of movies “animation” fun, children

Holidays don’t know what to do Let’s find a fun movie. That can be viewed by the whole family with “animated movie list”  enjoy watching each other for a long time with cute movies, simple content, performed by animated characters that will make you fall in love with