5 Reasons Why “Shouldn’t Buy PS5 Now”

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It’s pass for the first 5 things that should buy the PS5 at this time, but wait a minute, because we still have 5 reasons why we should not buy the PS5 now.

1. Should not buy because there are too few games to play

Although the PS5 has a lot of Exclusive games But in reality, 99% of all games are PS4 games, with only 2 games exclusive to PS5 right now!. These are Demon’s Souls Remake and Astro Playroom (free game included) .If you are not a fan of the Souls-likes series, then you can ignore them.

In addition, the future exclusive games, Horizon Forbidden West, will be released for PS4 as well, or will the new games that have been release already include Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Sackboy: A Big Adventure. For PS4 as well, so if anyone. Who is not really in a hurry or does not want to upgrade the game himself to play on PS5 with better picture and frame rate, then you can wait for it.

2. You should not buy it because the early models always have a problem

Problems with consoles have been around for a long time since the inception of the Video Game Console, looking back from the PS1 to the PS4, the early models often encountered some problems, forcing Sony to release new models. Or improved version Always fix problems that come from the first version.

For example, in the PS3 era, we will have a yellow light problem, in the PS4 era, we will have a problem with heat. And the machine likes to spit out the game disc These problems have been fixed in later versions, known as the Slim version itself.

In addition, in the era of PS4, Sony has released a PS4 Pro that is an upgrade hardware inside, allowing the game to be higher resolution and better frame rate, not for sure in the future. We may be able to see the PS5 Pro as well.

3. Should not buy, because there are more options available

This answer may not be very pleasing to Playstation fans, but I have to admit that Microsoft’s Xbox Series X / S is just as good. It also has an Xbox Game Pass system and also supports the Backward Compatibility system to support the Original Xbox ever. Unfortunately, Microsoft is not willing to market in Thailand much

And in addition, it is a normal practice for the Console when it comes to releasing new games, however, it is often called. “Bundles” that often have a pattern of the device, controller to be the same theme as that game in the future, we should see the bundle that comes with Final Fantasy XVI or God of War for sure. Anyway

In addition, the last option is to stay with the PS4, as we can still play it for a long time until Sony and other companies stop feeding them.

4. Should not buy because the price may be higher. From hoarding goods From the vendors hoping to gain profit

Classic problem for all kinds of products in this world. That when the production problem did not catch up Often causes a lack of market What follows is that the price will go up. In this era with the problem of COVID-19 making it more difficult to work around the world. And of course, it makes it more difficult for Sony to produce a large number of machines.

The PS5 has had a lot of bot scalping problems since its release at the end of last year. Merchants Has hoarded a lot of the machine And take it out and sell it to the general public at a price that is almost 2-3 times higher than before.

Of course, the wallet is one of its people. But we shouldn’t be supporting this kind of action. All players should be getting the same item for the same price.

5. You should not buy it because you still have a Nintendo

First of all, I must say that I am not a Nintendo fan, but I have to admit honestly that the Nintendo Switch is a very great hybrid console and also comes with Line Up, the best games that you can’t find anywhere else. have And is a game that is easy to access It is also very fun.

For those of you who don’t have a Nintendo Switch yet, my advice is to try to open up your heart and find it. From now on, there are games already released on Switch, and but they’re worth playing with, including The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Pokémon Sword and Shield, Super Mario Odyssey, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and many more.

In addition, there are also new games that are currently in development, including Exclusive games and 3rd party games from other camps. In addition, with the device being a hybrid between a console and a handheld, the Nintendo Switch is the device everywhere. People must have them.

However, don’t be mistaken for what Nintendo Switch is all about. The reason I have to mention it is because the PS5 is not very necessary now, the Nintendo Switch is a very promising game. And there are new games released throughout the year We may be waiting for the PS5 to come back and be ready to sell more and have fun with the Switch first.