“Deng Wei”, Master of the Luo Feng Hall

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Let’s look at the work of Deng Wei, Master of the Luo Feng Hall, from the eternal love of the Dragon King. Deng Wei is a rookie actor. The history of various works is not much. Let’s get to know him.

Name:邓 为 / Deng Wei

Hometown: China (Huhe Hao Town Mongolia Autonomous Region) 

Birthday: February 26 Pisces

Occupation: Actor / Model

Specialty: Deng Wei has a knack for dancing.

Education: Bachelor of Dance Zhongxi University (The Central Academy of Drama) Top university in entertainment

Performance results: April 2020

The opening of the series Miss The Dragon / 遇 龙 / Eternal Love of the Dragon King This is Deng Wei’s first acting work. Playing the role of Xue Chien Swin Hall Master Luo Feng. The outside looks ruthless, cold but deep. Warm and kind and a pretentious smile that melts.  Xue Chienswin’s charm made all the girls get knocked over by Deng Wei. Eternal love of the Dragon King Broadcast on May 10, 2021, the views in China are close to reaching 100 million views. Thai subtitles, we can watch on WeTV

In November 2020

The My Hundred Year Old Lover / 我 的 百岁 恋人 series was released. This is the second project. Current romantic fantasy series The love story of a 100-year-old mystery designer and a woman with a bizarre illness. Deng Wei plays the role of Qian Cheng, the young and overbearing CEO. Which this matter has turned off the camera has been completed There is no broadcast schedule yet. Produced by Tencent, which we can pin to watch Deng Wei work on WeTV.

March 2021

The camera series is launched. 潇洒 佳人 淡淡 妆 / Female blogger. Third work Another retro series Romantic and Comedy. The story of a young beauty blogger who has penetrate into ancient games and relies on modern beauty talent to survive in the game. Deng Wei plays the starring Jie Ke (Jek), a companion who helps the heroine of the story. This story also has an anime version. You can watch Thai subtitles at WeTV. In this series version, the camera is close. Produced by iQIYI company, we can pin and wait to watch Thai subtitles via iQIYI.