Famous movies that had to be postponed, COVID-19

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Including famous movies. The COVID-19 epidemic has become a common threat in every industry. Whether in the music industry, sports, business, even the movie world. Which of course The movie theater is an enclosed area that is vulnerable to the spread of infection. Therefore, people’s behavior has changed. Less in the cinema The creators did not want to risk taking the movie into show because of fear of loss. And this is the part of the big movie that has to move the release date.

1. Dune  (postponed to 20 Oct. 2021)

This reboot is based on Frank Herbert’s immortal novel, published in 1965, which has been directed by the great director Denis Villeneuve. How does this adventure fantasy come out to be worth the wait? Dune tells the story of the adventures of Paul Atreides, bearing the fate of saving the future to free the bonds of mankind. This story was moved from original schedule 20 November 2020 to October 2021 date.

2. 007 No Time to Die  (postponed to 2 Apr 2021)

The ultimate undercover spy movie 007 still has to give up on COVID-19, even though it’s the last part of Daniel Craig to play “James Bond”, which this postponement still affects ” Aston Martin, “a car company that is a movie sponsor that shakes up revenues from movies and car parks. Have to go into business rehabilitation ever Because the original deadline is November 2020 has been postponed to April 2, 2021 Who is a Bond fan? Love and wait

3. F9: Fast and Furious 9  (postponed to April 2021)

The sequel to the car-driven action movie F9, following the release of the trailer, “Han”, one of the mainstays of the gang will return to join the action. But the red light from COVID-19 was postponed to April 2021. Another highlight of this region is the filming in Thailand. And hope that when the movie hits the world I want to travel to Thailand to help restore tourism again.

4. Black Widow  (postponed to May 2021) 

One of the prominent characters in the group. Avengers and the Black Widow spinoff film, Natasha Romanoff, have been postponed twice since the first episode was postponed to November 2020. Disney may not want to take the risk after being hurt by Mulan, who was hit by both COVID-19 and Chinese politics to a loss.

You can say that movie buffs wait a little longer, everyone hopes that 2021 will have some great movies for us to watch. And finally returned to a normal life Support all the camps that always intend to produce quality work