“Forsaken World” Review: Gods and Demons

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MMORPG level picking games have been one of the genres for how long has been Is still popular. And in the mobile platform itself. It is equally popular. The game that will be discussed today is  Forsaken World: Gods and Demons from Yoozoo Games. It develop by the famous Perfect World. Let’s see how cool this game is.

For anyone who likes addicting stories to add to the fun of the adventure, Forsaken World: Gods and Demons. It is another game that will immerse you in a fantasy story and endless battles. The game is fully translated into Thai, not just a description. But other details as well

The game currently includes 7 basic professions: warrior, mage, assassin, priest, vampire, gunman and wanderer. Each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Such as a magician with strong attacks But less protective Or a lot of defensive warriors But light attack etc. And each class has two more subclasses.

When finished choosing a career The system will send to the face to dress up the character. That can adjust many details As for the hair style, face, mouth, nose and other parts I can tell you that this work, the girls definitely love it.

The graphics work must admit that it is heavy, full, beautiful, with the development of Perfect World from the sample images to see high quality details. Clear colors, easy access to players, and in the Gameplay scene, there is a spectacular effect in the style of fantasy games The more it is a special skill, the more beautiful things are

Mainly, the gameplay will focus on the story-based adventure, completing various missions, and joining many other content to receive rewards that can be use to strengthen the characters. The MMORPG gamers should already know each other well.

As mentioned above that When we play for a while, the system will allow players to choose two classes, which are divided into 2 subclasses, each of which has its own strength, such as a god ufabet mobile that will have fast and continuous attack skills. Later, army masters will be able to summon a weapon that will give them more freedom than ever before.

This is only part of the game. In the game there are also a lot of content, and the main highlight is the underground land that is difficult to reach 300 Levels. Graphics say that the most detailed and detailed, not defeated by PC games