GODLIKE Games wins TwelveSky 2 rights

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Gamers who love fighting games in the style of inner martial arts. Prepare a well known company. It ~ GODLIKE Games win. The right game TwelveSky 2 Play MMORPG super hardcore camp BEGA GAMES South Korea. That came in the atmosphere of the power in China. Which is filled with the aura of the battle of the martial people. Who participate in a frantic war with blood spattering to open for service in Southeast Asia

The game TwelveSky 2 will be ready for the official Thai. Thai server service for gamers to have fun before anyone else. And will open to service in Southeast Asia. The English version later. Which gamers who like this MMORPG game, gore splatter. Prepare to join in the fun now. Important game Twelve Sky 2 that GODLIKE Games will launch, can be considered the latest version. That is available in South Korea servers. 

Which has been improved to fix various systems in the game for the better. Making it very popular such as;

  • Adjust the style of Gameplay to be fast. Level up fun
  • add more content within the game. Along with many new challenging missions.
  • Adjust the new war system. Available to join the fun 24 hours a day.
  • Adjust the resolution settings in the game, support up to 4K.
  • Add a new player support system.

TwelveSky 2 is a fully hardcore ufabet online MMORPG. That fights with blood splattering Cut off teeth In which players will experience the atmosphere of the world. Ready to play the role of a warrior from the three big parties. “Sword God Sect, Saranrom Party and Blood Demon Cult”.

It must go on an adventure to different lands to develop their ability to find treasures. And to find the ultimate, high-level martial art. Learn about strengthening courses. And join in various kinds of war battles. That is open to fight 24 hours and 7 days a week ever.