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Fans of ghost movies, horror movies, do not miss this list of scary movies that you have to close your eyes every time you watch. A movie that makes you have to turn on the lights and haunt you every time you close your eyesScreening horror movies for you to watch before you sleep. Whether you believe or not believe the secret things in the spirit world. But the following movie list will leave you shocked and terrified of how it will take place. That and prepare to be haunting at the same time

SPLIT (2016): Out of the World : Kevin (James McAvoy)

a psychopath with 23 personalities. He kidnaps a group of three young girls led by Casey (Anya Taylor-Joy) and imprisoned under 23 personalities in him. His psychiatrist Dr. Fletcher (Betty Buckley) believes that one personality dominates others. Among the different personalities within him Kevin must fight for his own survival. As the people around him, too, must survive in confrontation with him.

THE CONJURING (2013): James Wan’s director of the ghost-calling

based on a true story in which a family encounters spirits haunting them. Two spiritual experts had to be invited to help. The story is about a family with five parents and daughters. Strangely encountered when they moved into their new home Which is waiting to eat the mother to hurt her children. They therefore have to rely on spiritual experts: Ed and Warren Because it is only hope that can save them.

THE CONJURING 2 (2016): The Conjuring 2,

husband and wife Ed Warren (Patrick Wilson) and Lauren Warren (Vira Farmiga), two demonologists. Must investigate the supernatural in north London. When one mother has to raise four children in a spirit-filled home He will be able to help this family or not.


The story of a group of 6 young women meet for their annual adventures in a distant land. By traveling to explore the caves to enter the blood vessels of the world very deep. Deep inside the cave Disaster strikes when a rock falls off the path to return to their planet’s surface. And this cave has never been explored before. And no one will come to save them In addition to the fear and fear that they have to face. In this underground cave, there is still something waiting for you. They’re human-like monsters, but not people? And they are Their delicacy.

THE EXORCIST (1973): The exorcist

Reagan, a young girl who suddenly gets possessed by an evil spirit. Her mother thought she was sick. Is some kind of disease As time goes by Reagan’s body had even more wounds all over his body. Finally, an exorcism must be performed. By following Father Merrin A priest who has chased ghosts many times. And Father Damian Carrist

THE SHINING (1980): Hotel Ghost Hell

Family Torrens Island consists of Jack Torrance Lawrence writer who was an alcoholic and had a history of abusing children themselves, Bowen’s Torrens Island wife and tender. Danny Torrence, the child with the sixth sense Jack tries to make excuses by finding a job. Therefore accepting work for the overlook hotel Where a terrible murder occurred And will be closed every winter Everything seems to be going well. Until the haunted spirit in the inn starts to stir up Jack And they want Danny. The Torres family must find a way to survive this hotel.

DON’T BREATHE (2016): Breath orders to die

A group of teenagers plans to raid the blind old man’s home. They think it shouldn’t be that difficult. Because only the blind old man lived alone But they were wrong. And had to meet with the frightening dread. When they became the hunted themselves.