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Holidays don’t know what to do Let’s find a fun movie. That can be viewed by the whole family with “animated movie list”  enjoy watching each other for a long time with cute movies, simple content, performed by animated characters that will make you fall in love with other than children. Who are fond of cartoons and animation Adults like us Was unaware of the cute and the most disturbing characters of these turbulent To be paraded across the screen to have fun togetherkey. 

Cartoon animation Not just to bring happiness to the family. Most of the stories also have thoughts and motto that you can keep thinking about as well. If this holiday you do not know what movie to watch. recommends the best “animated movie list” for you to enjoy with the whole family **. The article contains a trailer with a synopsis. For you to choose each other easier as well.


‘s Yasuhiro, 10-year old girl who has a stubborn habit. Sitting in a car with parents moving to a new home But all of them lost their way. Making it come across a tunnel that, when passed, will turn into another dimension And then her parents are cursed into a pig, and Chihiro is stranded in a strange world full of strange creatures. She met a young boy named Haku who saved her. And suggest ways to survive in this city And the way back to your world too In the meantime, she will have to work in a bathhouse in the spirit world.

ZOOTOPIA (2016): The Animal City

The state-of-the-art mammal city of Sutopia includes habitats such as the elegant Sahara Square and the frigid Tundra Town, it is a huge pot that animals from every environment inhabit. Stay together A place where no matter who you are From a giant elephant to a tiny chipmunk You can be anything But when the beautiful world police officer Judy Hobbs arrives, she learns that being the first rabbit in the police force of the big hard-headed beasts is no easy feat. With a determination to prove himself So she plunged into solving the case. Even though having to cooperate with Fox 18 Crown Nick Wilde

Lilo & Stitch (2002)

Lilo & Stitch Aloha, animation Friends Hilarious Across Universe Part 1, Lelo, a lonely girl. A Hawaiian who lives together with her 19-year-old sister, Nani, two young girls struggle to help themselves. But nevertheless, things did not travel in a dignified way When Cobra Bubbles, the always-stress social worker, visited He met two sisters who were arguing very hard. So he reminded Nani that she had only three days left to prove herself worthy of taking care of Lelo. After that, the situation in this dwelling would have to be changed to become apparent. 

And then that evening Lelo glanced at the meteorite streaking through her bedroom window. She prayed and pleaded for. Someone has become a friend. Someone who won’t run away But in fact, the meteorite is the spaceship of the living miraculous Stitch. That will escape from the planet Turo A scientist named Jamba gave birth to Stitz. She arrested Stitz in custody and was sentenced to evict the cricketer. Stitch, go to another star.

INSIDE OUT (2015): Miraculously upset

“Riley” grew up from her various emotional inducements, including happiness (Amy Poler), fear (Bill Hader), anger. (Lewis Black), the nastiness (Mindy Carling) and sadness (Phyllis Smith) all live in the Great Command Center. The central control center within Riley’s mind. Where they can guide her through day-to-day ufabet life.