Review “Ancient Love Poetry” Series

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Ancient Love Poetry Series. Saw the second teaser and the CG is very good. The second teaser channel and the series’ soundtrack mv should be able to watch. Ancient Love Poetry is coming soon. It is rumor that it will be release in June 2021. So the author would like to tell a summary of Ancient Love Poetry. Which a beautiful story The storyline is great. It’s a divine line. To invite fans of the Sian-style series to be interest in watching this series more.

Review after previewing Ancient Love Poetry

I have to say that it’s very grand. most like beautiful goddess set look very noble. The author likes the fairy tale series already. Look at almost every story of the Sian genre. This costume is as good as other things. It’s actually better than some. The fluency and softness of the flying dress is very beautiful. 

very grand scene Heaven is very beautiful. The CG is very magnificent. It came out very impressive. This is just to see an example. I really put my CG into it. Phopsawan, Phop Mara, and various palaces. The design came out very well. I really like Wang Qingchi, the heroine’s address. very shady In the midst of the valley, it is the palace of the Great Dragon Water. There was a Huajing Pool that was drunk to increase Saint Force. The surrounding scenery is very beautiful. Well, the heroine has been in this palace for thousands of years without going anywhere. It’s a palace that anyone who stays in may not really want to leave, haha.


Sweet network 

plays primeval gods, Lou Gehrig’s Antioquia. The mount god beast was a flaming kirin. has pure Saint power In the late Heavenly Era, it was Bai Xuan. and reincarnated as Qing Mu

Zhou Dongyu 

as Ancestor Shanggu The beast was a flaming celestial swan. It has impulse powers that can stop catastrophic impulses to wipe out the universe. Therefore using impulse to stop the impulse to break the spirit essence. Reincarnated as Hou Chi

Liu Xueyi 

as the deity of the Tian Qi The beast is a poisonous dragon. have pure devil power The most handsome among the ancient gods in love with shanggu