Review of Nevertheless series

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Nevertheless series, after the airing of 1 episode for Song Kang and Han So Hee‘s new series. It made viewers blush a lot for the story Nevertheless. This love can’t be stop by Netflix that will only air episodes a week.

      A love story between Yu Na Bi, a woman who believes this love is fate, and a seductive man Park Jae On. who do not want to have a serious relationship When these two orbits meet, what will this love be like when he just wants to have fun and doesn’t want to bond?

For the nevertheless, a hero like Song Kang. Who everyone thinks he is the love child of Netflix with works on Netflix that everyone is familiar with. Take the role of Park Jae On, a young student who is hot and charming. I just want to be close but I don’t really want to be in a relationship. In this role, Song Kang is consider really good at acting. Because after watching 1 episode. It made the audience so enchant. That their heads were blown. Both their eyes and smiles melted away. 

And the heroine can be none other than Han So Hee, the famous heroine from the role of the mistress in the popular series, the world of married couple, who can play the role that many people almost throw durian peels at each other. Come and get it. As Unabi, a college student who is cheat on by her boyfriend. and leads to a new love that she believes is destiny You have to try it once to see how it is. 

which, after having weaken the air for 1 episode, made the series neck. Let’s go red at once because the content is simple. But later the following episodes are much more intense. The first scene tells the story of Yu Na Bin congratulating her boyfriend at an exhibition where she sculpts a figure of a woman with a bow to show her female body. Then gave the work the name Nabin, which the boyfriend saw as a show of love. 

But to her, it seem to reveal the name of the statue as well as her name. But then she forgives him again. Made her break up with that man. When he met the heroine, Park Jae On, who came to greet her but remembered the wrong person. Causing the two to get to know each other, which Park Jae On is fully seductive, with both his eyes and a smile showing his interest in her. 

Which events lead the two to meet again when the heroine (Park Jae On) is a junior in her group. which brought the two closer together. The protagonist flirts softly, using his eyes and the words that the media say he likes the heroine. The heroine seems to have a thin line blocking it. Because I don’t want to get hurt anymore because Park Jae. On is a hot and charming man. seduce every woman But our heroine is starting to shake and have a heart for everyone because she looks close to the heroine. hot to see want to see the face.

Another impressive role is the gang. The heroine’s friends are all cute and act well. It’s a very realistic mount. Usually, when we talk with friends, we feel like this. With the character, the actor is consider to be able to convey it well, not losing to Phra Nang at all. 

For 1 episode when the air is weak It’s really impressive. The picture is very beautiful. The lady is beautiful and handsome. The actors are unique and attractive. Hair color and costumes are good.