5 Ways to cure “Vaginal discharge” yourself

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Vaginal discharge, health issues in the hidden area It’s about girls Must pay attention and pay special attention to it. Because even if there is a small malfunction, it may eventually result in a big and widespread problem. Until finally, it will affect our health. 

Usually inside our vagina It will have a mild fishy smell. is normal But when we feel that the smell is too strong. It may be an early warning that a malfunction has started. by the cause of our vagina The smell may be from food such as garlic, pickled fish, pickled crab, various fermented foods. including seafood. There is also a matter of clothes that are very tight. It may be that our sister is not ventilated. cause dampness and is the reason why my sister smells Another cause of vaginal odor is abnormal vaginal discharge. from the Vaginal discharge ufabet.

5 ways to cure Vaginal discharge yourself

1. Wear breathable clothing

     Choose panties that are made of cotton. It can help reduce the symptoms of musty smell. Because this fabric can breathe well. Make hidden spots not damp. So there is no risk of fungal or bacterial infection. including having to choose the right size don’t be too tight Because the size of the panties also affects the ventilation as well.

2. Avoid fermented foods and spicy foods.

     Fermented and spicy foods Can result in our sister smelling and vaginal discharge. including seafood too Because in seafood, there may be bacteria that cause us to have vaginal discharge than before. Any young woman who is now having problems with vaginal discharge, should avoid these foods before long.

3. Wear a condom during sex

The vaginal discharge is sometimes caused by a parasite called Trichomonas Vaginalis, which is a sexually transmitted infection. It comes with secretions and causes our vaginal discharge to smell. It hurts when urinating. Including itching along with it. Wearing a condom while having sex prevents us from getting this parasite in.

4. Clean the hidden spots properly

     For girls, cleaning the hidden spots properly is important and can help prevent white discharge. which must be washed from front to back should not be washed back and forth Because it may cause Ecoli infection, which is an infection that comes with feces into the vagina. And it will cause our vagina to smell it.

5. Choose the right cleaning products

     We need to choose a product that cleans the hidden spots or that cleans the sister meticulously. because it is a sensitive area Therefore, it is necessary to use products that are gentle. does not cause irritation In choosing these products, we look for an ingredient called Lastic Acid, which is a good microorganism. That helps keep the inside of our vagina to have the right pH. You should also look for ingredients that add moisture. Including must not contain perfume and alcohol.