7 ways to cure exhaustion, to feel rejuvenated

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Exhaustion, have you ever felt that you were not refreshed in your day to day? It seems that there is only a rough body without a soul and unconscious. Which would be very difficult to work or do activities. In everyday life with that condition, because it is exhaust. Powerless and yearns for bed more than anything, especially if you work from home too. Then it is unlikely that you will secretly sleep until the work is finished.

However, Yasi Ansari, nutritionist at the Institute of Nutrition and Dietetics say “For the best results. You must avoid other factors. That depletes your energy as well, such as sleep deprivation and stress.” 7 ways to cure exhaustion, to feel rejuvenated

  1. about eating, exhaustion

Food is the source of energy for the body. When you eat food will go through the process of digestion and metabolism It is convert into nutrients and energy for your body. However, you also need to control your diet. It’s not that you’re going to indulge your taste buds. which if you want to keep your body active throughout the day You should plan your eating as follows.

  1. drink enough water, exhaustion

When your body is dehydrated or not getting enough water. Your heart will work harder to pump blood. because your blood is thick poor circulation This can cause you to feel tired. It also affects the metabolism and transport of nutrients to different parts of the body, causing the body to become weak and weak. because of not getting enough energy from food You can check your water intake by urinating. if you drink enough water You will feel the need to urinate every few hours during the day. Also note the color of the urine. If the color is very dark, you’re drinking too little.

  1. sleep quality, exhaustion

how many hours you sleep It doesn’t mean you’re getting enough sleep if your sleep is poor. Notice that you still feel drowsy, yawning all day, even going to bed early and (thinking) sleeping for several hours. Quality sleep affects daily energy levels. There is some research to support that when you don’t get enough sleep, may cause the body to become resistant to insulin Affects the control of sugar levels, but of course, if you do not get enough rest, your body will burn less calories. when the power is not enough You also tend to eat more for energy. No matter how much you eat, it’s not enough because your metabolism doesn’t work well.

  1. Do not use caffeine to increase energy.

Caffeine only provides a short-term energy boost. over time Your energy will gradually ease, but that doesn’t mean you can’t drink coffee. Just need to control the amount of caffeine per day to 200 to 300 mg/day. The amount is about the same as about 2 cups of brewed coffee, so you can drink coffee in the morning as usual. Just don’t drink too much. and must keep the distance from the glass to fit Balance food and drink water.

  1. increase exercise

exercise In addition to the effect that your body is strong. It also stimulates you to feel energized. Energetic is quite good. Exercising will cause the body to release endorphins. or the hormones of happiness come out It also stimulates the pumping of blood to flow better. which will make the cells The body receives full blood. which will affect insulin control that stabilize blood sugar levels When you don’t feel like the sugar is falling You will not feel exhausted or exhausted.

  1. stress control

If you are too stressed It will make you feel tired and depleted. not only that Stress also affects sleep quality. When you feel sleepless It made me even more tired and irritable. You’ll get more stressed out, so you’ll need to control your stress levels so that they don’t get too much and it interferes with your life. There are a variety of methods, such as doing your favorite hobbies, listening to music, getting at least 7-9 hours of sleep, can help reduce cortisol levels and stress. But the key is to choose the method that works for you.

  1. look after yourself, exhaustion

your body If you don’t take care of it, you’ll expect someone to take care of you. Your physical and mental health, good or bad, depends on taking care of yourself. The energy that keeps us alive comes from two parts: physical energy and mental energy. If you feel yourself getting tired You need to specify whether you want to increase your physical or mental energy. If you need energy because you are hungry what did you go for (Useful) eat, sleepy, go to nap. Tired, drink water to keep the body hydrated. But if you want strength You need to find activities that help get rid of negative energy. Try to go for a walk in the fresh air. Or do something that is very physically active. to ease the tension