“Arrange the bedroom to help sleep well”

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Arrange the bedroom to help sleep well (BEDROOM FOR BEST SLEEP) Some homes use the bedroom as a multipurpose space. Whether it is a workplace, sitting and reading a book In the end, the bedroom is the best place for a good night’s sleep, homeopathic has compiled a number of tips on how to set up a bedroom based on the advice of experts from around the world. Which will have something, let’s go see

1. Bed position

Should be located in an airy area The head of the bed is a solid wall. Do not set the head of the bed around the window. Bedroom or bathroom door Because there may be noise. And should not be set opposite the air conditioner. This can cause excessive cold body temperature, which can affect health.

2. Proper lighting 

by brandon peters, sleep medicine-trained brandon peters. And the nervous system at the University of Minnesota Medical Center explains that the amount of light
in the bedroom can greatly affect sleep. Should choose to use a dim light. Use a vintage alarm clock instead of a lighted digital alarm clock. Cut out the electronic devices that disrupt sleep.

3. Do not overlook the temperature

A bedroom that is too cold or too hot can affect sleep at night, says Ralph Downey, head of sleep medicine. Loma Linda University Has suggested options that will help keep the room temperature normal, including installing a ceiling fan. Choose the right air conditioner for your room size. Attach curtains that help keep the room dark and prevent the outside heat from entering the bedroom.

4. Natural Colors

Choosing a vibrant color can be fun. But sometimes it’s best not to use fresh colors in your bedroom, especially if you have insomnia. Use a natural, calming color, such as green, blue, which has been research to indicate that blue is a sleep-inducing color for up to 7 hours and 52 minutes.

5. Make the bedroom tidy

If the environment around you is good Life will not be messed up according to Feng Shui principles, which can be used in the arrangement of the bedroom as well. Try to keep things in your bedroom tidier, even in the closet. And always cleaning for the good health of the sleeper

Sleep recharges your body with energy for the next day’s activities. Therefore, setting up a bedroom that is conducive to ufabet online relaxation and comfort is something that should not be overlook.