Check the “risk of disease from blood type”

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Check the risk of disease from blood type

Who wants to know about Blood type tells disease. Raise your hand !! Blood type is one of the wonders of the body. It can be divided into four groups: A (A), B (B), AB (AB) and O (O), that is, each blood group has different antigens on the red blood cells. As a result, the health of each blood type is strong. Or the risk of disease varies Today homeopathic presents a risk of disease. Or abnormal symptoms of each blood type as follows

Stress: Veterans Medical Center The United States believes that Cortisol levels associated with The stress of each person’s blood type is different. For people with type A blood, the abnormal secretion of the hormone cortisol is the cause of type A blood. Have accumulated stress more than other blood types

Pancreatic Cancer: Scientists from the Center for Oncology. Faculty of Medicine Yale University In the United States, people with AB and AB blood types were able to induce H.pylori bacteria in the liver and intestines. Can be pancreatic cancer But for people with blood type O Without antigens on red blood cells Found to be at risk This disease is less common than other blood types. Heart disease: A study of the Research Institute of Public Health. Harvard University In the United States, more than 23 percent of people with heart disease have AB blood type. It is considered to be a blood types that is more at risk of heart disease than other blood types.

However, the research results referenced above More detailed studies are still needed. And even if you can’t change your blood types But you can change your lifestyle. It starts with modifying your diet, eating more fruits and vegetables, reducing starch and sugar, exercising regularly. And get enough sleep This only reduces the risk of getting various diseases already.

Health care for each person’s blood type

People of Group A are people who eat vegetables.

People of type A blood are suitable for blood, eating vegetarian food. And foods such as protein from soybeans, tofu, fish, vegetables – fruits, grains for meat foods, we can eat some. But choosing a chicken is the best Because in the stomach of Group A people have less digestive system Making it difficult to digest protein from meat

Risk causing disease

A blood type person There is a risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure. Obesity to minor illnesses such as flu, asthma, allergies, etc. The cause of the heat is the improper diet, such as eating too much meat. Thus causing the accumulation of toxins Because the digestive system is difficult to digest meat Or eating certain types of nuts, which impede insulin production, thus at risk of diabetes As for the problem of allergy, asthma It is because eating foods such as milk and butter in excess of the needs of the body.

People of Group B love to eat.

People of Group B have a good digestive system, making this people of blood types quite balanced. But not all of them have a weak immune system. Should be eaten to detoxify.

Risk causing disease

Such as cancer, heart disease, or other serious illnesses. This is because people of blood type B have a relatively weak immune system. If you ingest food that is inappropriate for your body, it can lead to viral and bacterial infections.

People of Group AB  experience metabolic problems.

Energy in the body is not very efficient. If you don’t care about diet and exercise, you can also get fat.

Risk causing disease

Common diseases Among the people of this blood type is allergies, chronic inflammatory lesions. And some serious diseases, such as cancer, heart disease, caused by the body’s immune system responding excessively to stimuli. Eating diets based on blood type can greatly reduce your risk of disease.

People of Group O love to eat meat.

People of Group O Chang are envious of their lives and love to eat meat. Which is the reason Group O people like to eat meat as their soul Because it has a working digestive system Because of the high content of hydrochloric acid in the stomach It is especially suitable for digestion of meat foods.

Risk causing disease

The work system in Group O is related to the thyroid gland. If you work too much or not, it will cause your body to become emaciated. Too little, the weight has risen from the original

Let’s say who’s what blood type? Let’s check each other. Most importantly, have to be careful in taking care of your health as well !!