Does coffee for weight loss really help?

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Believe that you have seen a coffee advertisement for weight loss that uses a model with a thin waist to stand and sip coffee. Convinced that if drinking, he would be skinny like a model So the question arises whether drinking coffee can actually reduce obesity or not?

The truth is, no one can lose weight successfully by drinking coffee for weight loss alone. Without dieting No exercise required Although the caffeine in coffee has properties that stimulate metabolism. Makes the heart beat faster Increased blood pressure Increased secretion of adrenaline Improves exercise performance But it helps burn a little more energy and temporarily if you drink several cups of coffee a day Receiving more than 100 milligrams of caffeine per day has a negative effect on the thyroid suppressing hormones, hormones, depressing hormones, sex hormones, which may cause a decrease in metabolism.

Most slimming coffee uses artificial sugar to sweeten it instead of sugar. Thus helping to reduce some energy From the normal 100 calories per cup, reduced to 60 calories, if you drink instead of regular coffee 1 cup a day, you will receive 50-70 calories of reduced food energy per day if you do not add to eating other foods. You may have the right to lose 1 kg in 110-150 days or 4-5 months because to lose 1 kg of body weight requires less consumption. Provides a negative energy of 7,700 calories

Most weight loss coffee is mixed with dietary supplements. To claim the weight loss properties

Dietary fiber or 3 %   fiber 

In a 15-gram sachet of coffee equals 0.450 grams or 450 milligrams of fiber, which is the recommendation of fiber supplements To fill the stomach Reduce the absorption of fat and sugar into the body. And helps the digestive system to function normally Should eat at least 2 grams of fiber before meals, 3 meals a day, or 6 grams per day, so little fiber in coffee May not help you stay full for a long time


An amino acid protein. It is researched that eating 1-3 grams of this supplement per day will help the cells in the body use fat for energy better until it is called Fat Burner, but in coffee for weight loss often contains L-carnitine. Just 1% of 15 grams, or about 0.15 grams. You need to drink more than 10 cups of this kind of coffee a day to have a chance to help you lose weight.

White Bean Extract

It is a popular ingredient. It is a fiber from white kidney beans that helps trap starches in foods eaten. Not to turn into sugar Prevents the body from getting energy from dryness. But the powder is excreted with the white beans in the feces, causing the body to not get excess energy. Even without helping the body fat disappear But it also helps prevent new accumulations. At least it helps to maintain a stable weight, not gaining, if it will benefit from white kidney bean extract. I would have to eat in the form of food supplements 1-2 grams per meal with starch. But in coffee, weight loss is often mixed just a little. Therefore not very effective


Extracts from shrimp shells. Crab shells have properties like dietary fibers. Or plant fiber But chitosan comes from sea creatures. The chitosan structure is porous as the adhesion of the fat. Therefore used as a fat absorbing supplement Reduce the absorption of fat from food eaten into the body. But will expel the fat through the feces Help prevent new fat accumulation Prevent weight gain But does not get rid of excess fat that has accumulated And like all fiber family supplements We should eat 1-2 grams per meal to see the results, which most diet coffees put only a little, so it is hard

Fibers extracted from French Cactus

It called Neopuntia (Neopuntia) has the ability to inhibit the absorption of fat in the food eaten. Not to enter the body like chitosan. Research published in the medical journal Advance in Therapy in 2007 found that women who took 1.5 grams of this supplement, or about 5 grams per day, reduced cholesterol. Can LDL and reduce Metabolic Syndrome, thereby reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. There was no statistically significant change in sample weight.


helps the body stay awake. Improved blood flow And can help increase the metabolic rate a little bit, but most of the coffee usually add a little ginseng. Therefore hoping to result in difficult weight loss


Hits each other. Collagen is a type of protein. They are present in pig tendons, cow tendons, and many tissues of human beings also contain collagen. Both on the skin The walls of blood vessels, muscles, tendons, bones, etc., ingested collagen will be digested into amino acids. Or the smallest molecule protein And then being sucked to feed organs throughout the body, especially where the injury is It is necessary to use collagen, it will run to that organ first, not to the facial skin as we want. The more coffee to lose weight, the less collagen. Just to think that there is collagen Therefore it is difficult to hope for any result

That is scary. Coffee to lose weight that does not pass the FDA. Eat and lose appetite, not hungry, can live without having to eat anything all day. But the throat is parched and thirsty Sometimes nausea, palpitations, irritability, dizziness. Although the weight will lose quickly, but it is dangerous because it is likely to contain a mixture of diet pills. Psychotropic Just stop and yo-yo Rapid weight gain Good, not good, even more Diet pills secretly mixed in coffee It can be harmful to your health in the long run. Therefore should avoid products that do not have a device lost.

Even the coffee advertised as a diet May not help you slim. But it still helps to control your weight somewhat, if you are fond of coffee, however, you have to drink it once a day. Change from regular coffee with milk added with sugar. It is a coffee for weight loss. Will help you maintain your weight from gaining more