“Exercise reduce the risk of breast cancer”

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Reduce the risk of breast cancer. The basis for the functioning of hormones in the body It works through the circulatory system, the ovaries are responsible for the production of hormones, the breasts have receptors for sex hormones from the ovaries. Which receiver is Will have both a good receiver Acts to stimulate the development of breast cells. As usual that a woman should have And bad receptors that stimulate cells to divide too quickly May cause cancer

When the hormones around the breast work until the end. The body will have a system to eliminate hormones that are finished from the body. They are mostly excreted through the liver and kidneys. Is used and ejected in a balanced way Hormones are balanced. And does not cause any abnormalities to the body


Hormones travel from the ovaries to the breast through the circulatory system. Exercise will improve blood circulation. Like a system for transmitting hormones Effective By while we exercise it. Most of the blood flow goes to the muscles of the arms and legs. To do the job of delivering oxygen Therefore, exercise helps
distribute the hormones to prevent too much concentration in the breast area. Because if there is too much hormones in the breast area Can stimulate a bad receiver

In addition, exercise also helps to carry sex hormones. It spreads better to various tasks without causing too much accumulation problem at some point. Helps to repair various parts of the body such as muscles in different areas, including better skin.

It is important that exercise stimulates the creation of new hormones to replace regularly. Makes the body fresh and does not go into puberty prematurely, that is, exercise or move the body always. It is a great way to balance hormones in the body.


Exercise To maintain the balance of hormones The key is consistency, which is heavy exercise on some days. And stop exercising for several days to become even more stimulating
Stress the body

In addition, exercise patterns that should be completed in all 3 types are:

  1. Cardio exercise, such as swimming, running, or walking
  2. Muscular exercises, such as lifting weights or using elastic bands
  3. Stretching exercises such as yoga or pilates

BREAST SELF – EXAMINATION 3 posture to find breast cancer

Breast cancer is a silent threat for all women. If you do not regularly observe or do the initial examination yourself This may result in the cancer spreading to other organs. The chance of healing will be lessSiriraj Hospital Chulalongkorn Introduced a simple way to check for breast cancer by yourself in just 3 simple poses:

standing in front of a mirror, 

standing up straight, letting your arms sit at your side. Look in the mirror and compare both breasts. That there is something wrong or not, such as distortion of the nipple Then explore the anomaly In hand coordination position above the head and waist feet Followed by leaning forward
By laying his hands on both knees or chair and observed the disorder

prone plains 

Lie down in a comfortable position. Then raise the arm that you want to examine over your head To flatten the breast, use the index, middle, and ring fingers of the other hand to spread over the breast and armpits. But do not squeeze the breast meat Because it will make you feel like you have found a lump Which is not cancer When the examination is complete, move to the other side by the same method.

Posture while taking a shower

Those with small breasts Raise the arm to be examined above the head And use the other hand to feel like a lying position Those with large breasts, use the hand to be examined. Then palpate the breast from below The other hand, feel from above.