5 ways to cure anxiety until you can’t sleep

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 believe that many People must have experienced symptoms of excitement and insomnia. Especially if on any day we encounter such exciting things. Tomorrow I will go out with my friends, have an exam, and have an interview for work. Have a job presentation with a client or supervisor or even having to go to a health check-up It may make many people can’t sleep Insomnia from excitement is a common occurrence that many people experience, but letting yourself become so excited that you can’t sleep. May affect health or may make us tired. Sleepy and unable to concentrate the next morning.

     So is there a way to cure the excitement until insomnia if tomorrow we have to wake up early to run errands? How can we sleep without worry? Today we have a solution for insomnia because of the excitement to leave each other.

5 ways to cure anxiety until you can’t sleep

1. Act normally

     I used to go to bed at any time and went to bed at that time. If you are a late night sleeper It is not necessary to go to bed earlier than usual. This may cause you to be more excited or anxious. and so that the body does not feel too much pressure Including having to try to wake up at the usual time too.

2. Adjust the temperature inside the room

     Usually, people sleep well in a room with low temperature. sleeping in a cold room It will help us to sleep soundly and not wake up in the middle of the night. But what should the temperature inside the room be? This item we can adjust according to our preferences. If you are someone who likes to sleep in a cold room with a thick blanket. You may adjust the temperature to as low as 23 – 24 degrees, but if you don’t like the cold too much, you can adjust the temperature to 25 – 26 degrees.

3. Stop other activities

     The bedroom should be for sleeping only. Therefore, we should not do any activities. besides sleep Especially activities that can stimulate us to be excited. Whether it’s playing mobile phones, watching TV, listening to music or listening to the radio. 

4. Use fragrance

     that we can smell the fragrance It will help your body relax. which we may use to light a scented candle essential oil Or like applying a body lotion that smells like we like. Taking a warm bath with our favorite scented shower cream Even drinking warm herbal tea It helps us relax as well.

5. Listen to your body

     If you try to sleep with Previous method, but still not working. Get up and do light activities. Instead of trying to sleep by light activities It may be reading a book. Listening to soft music, keep doing it until you feel sleepy and come back for a long time.