Women’s underwear, choose the right bra

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Girls, no one wants to give an important occasion, an important day, or even to dress up every day. There must be a reason that causes a non-fiction mistake. Until I lose confidence, right? Even though we sometimes think we are ready, including make-up, hair and dress, shoes and bags to match, but all the intentions are unforgiving. Just because we overlook the other important part, that is, the selection of underwear.

Today’s Thai nationality underwear is featured with see-through lace fabric. And a cup from Thai silk like “SYP Intimates” will volunteer to help solve the problem. And help us find the right bra for each girl

Diaworakittikul, a Thai female designer who has graduated in underwear design directly from England. The founder of Sip Intimate has studied the current problems of women’s underwear in order to introduce them to women. Has a secret to observe And choose to wear underwear correctly Selected for 7 popular problems as follows.

No.1 Most Popular Problem: Dropping Cables

Every time we put on the bra first, we have to adjust the strap length to fit the body size. But wearing it for a period of time, well, it dropped in a very important minute, then put on a beautiful dress, a good moment, dropped the bra straps, causing annoying personality, had to pull up Make it look unattractive We have an easy way to tell. 

Solution: Adjust the bra straps on a monthly basis. Although it is a slight move about 0.5 cm every time we put The bra line will stretch. Looseness But if you try to adjust Still face the same problem that bothering again Recommend to try changing the underwear style. Because maybe the style that you are wearing May not suit your body as much. Go for a version with a slightly narrower fit, but if you are a person with sloping shoulders, try a bralette that has the cross straps. Because it will help the girls to be confident, certifying the problem of the cable drop is definitely Let’s try to choose the right bra line.

2nd Most Popular Problem: Press Line

Have you ever wore a bra and the strap pressed on the shoulder until you saw red marks The reason is that your bra around is too big. Loosely Because of the size of the surrounding. As a support for the weight of the chest Or the bra line might be too small. Causing unable to support chest weight. Thus resulting in redness If you continue to wear it for a long time Perhaps even a shoulder pain. 

Solution: Suggest women to try to choose a new bra that fits around. Not too loose By reducing the size is If you normally wear a size 36B, the tighter body will be 34C and the cup will be the same. But around the body will be smaller Or perhaps that we adjust the strap too tightly I think to make it tight. But it can cause the strap to support so much weight that the shoulder aches. 

Problem No. 3: Floating bra

Put on and the bra starts to rise. No matter how much the cable is adjusted up and down But still not fit and began to not tighten. Does not help keep her shape until the girls are not confident, uncomfortable, that is a sign of changing a new bra together.

Solution: Suggest to try to buy a new bra at a smaller size. By the method of reducing the size, use the same method as in the case above. And to be sure that we have chosen a bra that fits our body or not, girls can easily observe by themselves. By inserting two fingers around the body. The back area on the hook if you fit your finger. Not feeling too tight, it means that you can choose the right bra for you.

4th Most Popular Issue: Left Cups

Most of the time, this problem occurs in girls who have bell-shaped breasts, upside down, or are so thin that they have no breast at all.

Solution: Try adjusting the bras first. If adjusting the strap to be tighter And still do not fit into the way, try to reduce the cup size, but keep the same circumference before, for example, if 34B is reduced to 34A or if the cup is already fit But there is still a little gap on the top. Recommend to try changing the style. It is a type that has a lower breast shape, it is beautiful in another way.

The fifth most popular problem: beef meat

Another unsolvable problem for girls Fat or not? But why wear a bra and the meat on the side Because you are wearing the wrong bra size It is possible both from the case around the body is too small. Or the cup is too small There is no space to hold the shape properly. Makes the beef come out on the side

Solution: Try measuring a new size. Girls can see how to measure the size from the size chart. It’s easy to get by yourself. 

Top issue No. 6: 4 breasts 

Just by the name, you can see the picture to go a long way. But to explain it even more clearly is that your bra Too small Causing chest compressions Press the excess meat from the cup. Until looking and looking bulging like having 4 breasts

Solution: Try increasing the cup as before, 34B size to 34C, guarantee you will breathe easier. The breasts are more relaxed. Out of the 4 breast problems for sure.

7th Most Popular Problem: Behind the float

Hook floating up Not in the same plane It’s time to adjust the bra straps or change the size. In addition to solving the problem after floating It also helps save back pain problems. Shoulder pain from wearing a bra that doesn’t fit, too. 

Solution: This problem is caused by your bra strap being too short. Or adjust the size around the body to be smaller Add a larger cup 

Girls with doubts Or encounter a underwear problem that distracts the way “Sip Intimates”, he is ready to give advice and advice, whether through Line ID: @sypintimates Or see more information And know how to choose the right underwear