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"Forsaken World" Review: Gods and Demons

“Forsaken World” Review: Gods and Demons

MMORPG level picking games have been one of the genres for how long has been Is still popular. And in the mobile platform itself. It is equally popular. The game that will be discussed today is  Forsaken World: Gods and Demons from Yoozoo Games. It develop by the famous Perfect World. Let’s see how cool this game

GODLIKE Games wins TwelveSky 2 rights

GODLIKE Games wins TwelveSky 2 rights

Gamers who love fighting games in the style of inner martial arts. Prepare a well known company. It ~ GODLIKE Games win. The right game TwelveSky 2 Play MMORPG super hardcore camp BEGA GAMES South Korea. That came in the atmosphere of the power in China. Which is filled with the aura of the